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SAR: One Time Self-Administered Respite Services

Thank you for choosing Leonard Consulting to be your fiscal agent! We appreciate each and every one of our clients and we strive to give you the best possible customer service.

You will find a list of all the forms needed for SAR: One Time Self-Administered Respite Services, to set up a new employer and hire new employees. You will also find a checklist that can help make hiring employees as efficient and stress-free as possible.

Employee Forms

2019 W-4 (PDF)
I-9 (Employee -and- Employer Sign and Complete Pages 1 and 2) (PDF)

Employment Agreement: 2-9EA (SAR)
2-9C (SAR)
5-3 Code of Conduct (PDF)

Background Screening Form (PDF)
Youth Background Screening Form - Under 18 (PDF)

Direct Deposit Form (PDF)
Payroll Schedule (PDF)
Time Sheets (PDF)

New Hire Checklist (PDF)
How Much Can I Pay Per Hour? SAR (PDF)

Employee Rate Change Form

Employer Forms

SS-4 (Enter Employer Social Security Number on 7b)

Grievance Policy (PDF)

Federal Taxes & Live-In Employees (PDF)

Live-In Overtime Exemption (PDF)

Please contact us with any questions.

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