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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) & Therap

EVV stands for Electronic Visit Verification. With the enactment of the 21st Century CURES Act to mandate Electronic Visit Verification for documenting personal care and home health care services, providers are required to fulfill EVV compliance requirements outlined in Section 12006 of the CURES Act, including verification of type of service performed, individual receiving services, date of service, location of service delivery, individual providing services and time the service begins and ends. All employees who live outside of the client's residence are required to use the Therap App by January 1, 2021. ***Beginning with time worked January 1 15, 2022: the required End of Pay Period Certification in Therap by employers will be *due by the 17th and 2nd* of each month.***

Therap Training and User Guides

Employee Therap App User Guide (October 2021 Update) (PDF)

Therap App (EVV) Instruction Video

Employer Therap User Guide (December 2021 Update) (PDF)

Therap Employer Instruction Video (Updating)

Utah Department of Health Letter

Live In Exemption

EVV Live In Exemption Form (PDF)

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